Customer Reviews

"Dan is very organized, we made an appointment, he showed up not only on time, but early."   Read full review

"He is extremely knowledgeable about soil conditions, active and inactive slide zones, types of foundations, retrofit issues, the location of fault lines, you name it."   Read full review — Bill F.

"He was referred by East Bay Structural and I checked the other reviews on the Berkeley Parenting website before calling Dan."   Read full review — J.T.

"...I received the plans as promised. I did not really understand them, but the permitting and construction work to implement the retrofit went smoothly and cost as much as I expected."   Read full review — Chris C., Alameda, CA

"...At the very least he stopped us from investing a lot of money in a home that we would have a hard time selling in the future, and it is possible that he could have saved my family from a great tragedy. I am very thankful that we found an engineer that was so thorough in his inspection and so direct in his explanation."   Read full review — Michael D., Oakland, CA

"...Dan thought of a creative out-of-the-box solution that effectively helped us solve this this problem for less than half the cost estimated by the foundation contractors."   Read full review — Paul T., San Francisco, CA

"...I was very impressed by Dan's thorough review and practical suggestions, plus quick turn around."   Read full review — J T., Alameda, CA

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  • Seismic Retrofit Plan
    According to Chapter A3 of the International Building Code for existing structures
    (or for other standards)
  • Residential Foundation Plan
    Foundation design for a residence
  • Basement Take Out